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About Us

Digital Authority Partners is a full service digital agency helping companies build products that delight users, engage customers, and grow their brand. We offer a complete set of digital strategy solutions, from ideation to product design & development, data analytics, marketing, and more.

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What we do

Digital Authority Partners provides end-to-end strategic solutions to help bring your vision to life and your product to market. A full service digital agency, we're inspired by engagement and driven by data.

Our credo

Be world-class
Be world-class
It's why we never stop learning

Because the best ideas arise from listening and understanding

Stay agile
Stay agile
Markets change, technology evolves we're always ready to adapt
Codrin Arsene
Managing Partner
[email protected]

Codrin has extensive experience helping companies big (Fortune 500) and small achieve their full potential through complex digital strategy initiatives. Codrin has been working with marketing agencies, newspapers, software companies, retailers, and startups for the last 10 years, helping them better engage and connect with their customers.

His experience in communication studies, anthropology, analytics, and online product management make him perfectly positioned to build, execute, and maintain complex digital strategy initiatives. Codrin has an excellent track record building powerful digital experiences that wow consumers and turn them into lifetime followers and brand promoters.

Alex Dooley
Public Relations Director

Alex is a marketing strategist who makes people talk about your brand. He has direct experience working with nonprofits, multi-million dollar e-commerce brands, NY Times bestselling authors, early-stage tech startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

Drawing from his special expertise in growth, influencer marketing, PR, and social strategy, Alex sees the clearest path to success for your project, creates a plan to get there, and shows you the results.

Senior Consultant & Strategist
[email protected]

Pranjal has extensive experience in business analysis and product management. He has worked on digital programs with some of the biggest retailers and B2B companies in the US, managing large teams of developers, analysts, designers, and user experience architects. Pranjal helps with social media research, UX/UI recommendations, digital strategy, and target audience segmentation. Ask him anything about the digital habits of Gen X, Gen Z, Millennials or Baby Boomers – we bet he’ll have the answer. Or, he’ll find it immediately and add it to his arsenal.

Head of Business Development & Digital Strategy

William is a proven innovator and leader in digital content development and management with eighteen years’ experience leading teams to create breakout, award-winning content for marketing, entertainment, and education. Will began his career in the gaming industry where he developed a passion for UX/UI design and interactive storytelling. Later, he transitioned into digital marketing and sales, serving as the primary point of contact for major corporations across a variety of industry verticals (healthcare, automotive, energy, tech), translating brand messaging into interactive B2B and B2C sales applications and experiential marketing campaigns. He’s led large (150+) teams and been a founding member of two start-ups.

Content Manager

Alex is our Content Manager who patiently and methodically makes sure we don’t embarrass ourselves in front of our clients. She proofreads every visual asset and article and brings the final polish to our work before it’s shared with the world. Alex has extensive experience in copywriting, editing, and merchandizing. She works with a small team of contract editors brought in on a per-project basis when demand gets out of hand.

Head of Design

Catalin has over ten years of experience as a senior designer working on a wide variety of digital products across form factors and channels (print versus online). He has worked on both sides of the Atlantic with both American and British companies to create powerful, inspirational and eye catching visual assets, websites, mobile applications, tablet applications and video assets. At Digital Authority Partners, he is the first line of defense for all design work and leads a remote team of amazing visual designers who create all visual assets for Digital Authority Partners clients.

Head of Mobile/Web development

Cristina is a seasoned web developer and graphic designer working in HTML/ CSS3/ jQuery for desktop and mobile sites. She joined Digital Authority Partners to support our clients’ increasing demands for HTML services to improve the overall UX/UI presentation layer of their blogs and emails. Cristina leads a three-person team of geographically distributed front end developers and designers.

Marina Turea
Admin & Social Media Specialist

Marina is in charge of social media management for different high profile accounts in retail, travel and the healthcare industries. When she's not busy connecting brands with their ideal consumers through thought provoking and highly shareable social media content, she acts as a coordinator between different teams, clients and contractors on the day to day operations of Digital Authority Partners.

Catalina Grigorasi
Marketing Manager

Catalina is a marketing manager overseeing the influencer outreach strategy, coordinating sponsored content calendar for different clients and brokering strategic partnership with industry specialists, brand ambassadors and social media micro-influencers. Catalina is also in charge of managing the analysts responsible for market research, concept validation and UX expert evaluations.

Adam Rosa
Marketing Analyst

Adam is the newest member of our team. He works closely with different managers and directors on various research tasks that make our marketing reports great and actionable. Adam has both an analytical and creative side which allows him to work on a variety of tasks ranging from ad taglines to financial analyses. Adam is also in charge of DAP's social media profiles and our brand amplification efforts.

JD Cooper
Business Analyst

James has spent his career working closely with healthcare and trade associations in capacities including operations management, business / systems analysis, and project management. His experience encompasses work in both private and non-profit sectors. James specializes in business analysis as it pertains to CRM and supporting systems, and has carved out a niche as a project manager formally trained and practiced in both waterfall and agile frameworks. He works closely with our product management group on different IT digital initiatives.

Hugo Tse
Business & Data Analyst

Hugo is a jack of all trades. He works with copywriters and the management team on everything from sales presentations and whitepapers to data gathering, insight analysis, and competitive research. He is also responsible for allocating research assignments to our contract analysts.

Tabitha Jean Naylor
Senior Copywriter

Tabitha has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience consulting with businesses ranging from small mom-and-pop shops through publicly-traded, household names. As a senior copywriter at Digital Authority Partners, she's a word-nerd and content writing extraordinaire of Q&A style interviews, landing pages, case studies/white papers, guest blogs, sales letters, web copy, and advertisements. Her intimate knowledge of how sales and marketing go hand-in-hand has resulted in a variety of successful campaigns for start-ups through publicly traded companies, including Adobe and Microsoft.

Greg Kohut
Senior Product Manager

Greg has helped businesses plan, develop, launch, and maintain products in 5 industries on 4 continents, at Fortune 100 companies and at startups—as a product manager in online media publishing, eCommerce, and consumer electronics industries, as a project manager in consumer electronics, as an operations or resource or QA manager in the telecom industry. Greg’s area of expertise is developing insights based on products’ user segmentation, as well as developing eCommerce business cases to maximize revenue and user engagement.

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